Wondrous Oval Mirror for Stylish Bathroom

If you run of idea to spruce your bathroom design, then you must think of installing wall mirror as the decoration. In this case, you might have installed one mirror in your vanity design, but have you installed the stylish one? In this case, for your gorgeous bathroom design, you also need the wondrous one. Then, checking some exclusive oval mirror for your stylish bathroom is a must. Look at some following ideas!

Since there are many people fond of gothic style, then I recommend the oval mirror design for gothic bathroom in the first time. In this design, you are required to install two similar oval mirrors above your vanity. Then, to strengthen the gloomy outlook, installing modern lighting idea surrounding the mirror will be a good idea. In this case, while the mirror reflecting the dark gothic nuances filling the bathroom, the lighting design gorgeously will glow in such dreary atmosphere. Then, it is how these two oval mirror work in this gothic bathroom design.

In addition, being classic with oval mirror will be a great step to define who you are. In this design, you need two carved framed oval mirror to spruce the area above your vanity. In addition, if you choose dark frame tone, then it would match with bright wall decoration. The reason is that such dark stuff should be combined with the brighter one ot get the contrast effect. From the picture, it is obvious that the dark brown carved frame fits the Tosca painted wall.

Another luxurious design would be the real brown framed oval mirror with wall lamps decoration. Different with the first design, this lighting idea is installed above the two mirrors. In glance, you will realize the lamps looks like ribbon prettifying the mirror. Meanwhile, the mirrors stacked on the cream wall look elegant with the creamy brown frame bounding them.